Reference id

Why doesn’t it work like that?

  1. [Clients id] -> REF_ROWS(“Measurements”, “Client id”) - Measurements id
  2. [Clients id] -> REF_ROWS(“Client diet”, “Client id”) - Client diet id -> REF_ROWS(“Monday diet”, “Client id”) - [Mondey diet id]

The first option works, the second doesn’t!
Where REF_ROWS(“Monday diet”, “Client id”) - [Mondey diet id]
works like -> REF_ROWS(“Monday diet”, “Client Surname”)

Why is that?)

You post makes no sense to me.

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May I suggest reading this post?

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It seems that you’re trying to establish a List Subtraction. Provided that’s the case, you are on the wrong path. Please take a look at these docs: