Reference if?

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@Cabelo - no worries - you should see some of the mistakes I make … you would just laugh. That’s why this community is great! Everyone’s willing to help others along, and nobody makes fun when we trip over the silly stuff :blush:

Well, now that I understand a little bit more what appsheet is and what it can do (but not really how), I’ve decided I need to start from 0 again.
Originally what I had done was to get a workbook I work with and turned the whole thing in an app without much planning. It was good to understand things a bit, but as I started getting creative it got out of control since trial and error works better on a smaller scale than with a massive project. I wonder how many people do what I did and end up giving up.

So although I know that this not gonna be the final version, I want to start all over again but table by table.

As a context, this is for a commercial bike tour we run and lasts almost 6 months

I want to start with:

Table 1 - A table with lots of possible combinations of daily rides (From / To / Distance / Etc) - I think that this is what people call a child table

Table 2 - A table which would be the main table which Table 1 would reference to. On this table I would have 3 columns:
*Stage # (Day 001, Day 002, Day 003, etc)
*From (dropdown menu of towns)
*To (dropdown menu of towns)

My idea is that once I select From and To (on Table 2) on the dropdown menus, appsheet would find on Table 1 a column that match those 2 criterias and create a “Related Route” field on Table 2 with the correspondent information from Table 1.

Is this a stupid new beginning?


Dear all;

I’m having a similar issue: I have two tables, one for creating new orders [Pedido], and another for dispatch of the products [Expedição].

I want to only those orders that are not yet dispatched to be seen when the expedition sector pulls the list of orders. I have created a ref from the dispatch [Expedição] table to the orders [Pedido] table

I have done what I’ve read in this post, and this is what showed up to me:

What can I do? Since now, I’m very thankful for your help.



Change the column type from Ref to List.

Thanks for your prompt reply, Steve.

I’m using the Ref type due to the need of importing info from the order. Is there a way to do it with the List type of column?

Yes, make it a List of Ref.

Steve, it worked. The layout is working just fine, exactly like I have planned, even better than before.


But when I click on it, it shows a resume of the order , such as below:


Would there be a way to, at the click, just import the data from the order to the dispatch?

I don’t want the dispatch team to have access to all of the data from the commercial team, nor have access to the new orders form, such as below:


Would there be a way to create a filter across tables using Ref column?
I’ve been searching for it since yesterday, when I read your reply, but I couldn’t find it.

Besides that, would there be a way to choose instead of the date it was created ( Which is one column), another column ( scheduled date to ship )? Even using CONJECTURE?

Can’t thank you enough for your patience with this new learner.



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When you click on what?

When I click on the order ( which is being referenced by the name of the costumer [As an example in the print screen, Fabio])

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Well, I’m not sure how to fix your problem. I don’t do much with adding new rows within a form view, so I have no experience to share. You might try asking

Thank you very, very much Steve!

Deeply appreciate your attention.


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I don’t think my text was too clear, so I’ll try to explain it in a different way:
Dear all;

First of all, congratulations on your amazing platform. I’ve been learning/ developing for a couple of months, and everything is extremely intuitive.

I’m creating a management app, and I’m having a minor trouble with a column that needs to be filtered:


The above table, Expedição ( Dispatch ) is referencing to the Table below ( Pedidos), in which the selling orders are emitted.


I need to filter only those Selling Orderss ( Column named Pedido ) which are not yet shipped. Is there a way to create a filter across tables to do it so?