Reference issues


I am currently having an issue in my app, where the first field shows in bold, and although it is referenced field, I am not able to view it like the field below, any suggestions on how to fix this.

It appears that column has been designated a header column. To change, go to the detail view’s configuration and remove the column as a header column.

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Thanks @Steve, Can you please have a look at both of my attached views?
I have the table Leads twice in my menu, displayed two different ways.
I don’t have the options you have, is it possible I need to somehow update my version?

Those screenshots are not for the Detail view of your original screenshot.

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Hello @Bahbus, thanks for your reply, I hadn’t ever noticed the ‘System Views’ down the bottom of the UX page, however your message inspired me to look around on UX page a bit more. All sorted now, thanks guys.


I’m glad you found it!