Reference Key for Option Selected


I’m new to Appsheet.

I’m making an attendance log.

I want to be able to lookup an employee by their name but have the data reference their Employee Number. This way if someone changes their name, I can just change the Employee name list rather than going into the data log and change every instance.

If I’m doing this in google sheets I’d have a drop down of employee names with a vlookup next to it to find the employee number, and then do a query on the data based on the employee number.

I’m assuming/hoping there is a way to easily do this in Appsheet.

Thanks in advance.

Let me assume you have table store employees as master table something like

EmployeeID | FirstName | LastName | FullName

Then make EmployeeID as key and FullName as label.

And remove the spreadsheet calculation you may have currently on your spreed.

Let s say you have another table, Attendance with data fields something like this as well.

ID | Date | EmployeeID

For EmployeesID field, you set it as REF type fields and ref table is set to EmployeeMaster.
This will generate the drop down with the FullName as label.

When you change the either first name and/or last name of each employees, you dont need to change anything at all for anything else. Appsheet keeps showing most latest name even for the existing data as ID is not changing, but label value is changing, which is kind of virtual and calculated all the time.