Reference Newbie

I am having trouble understanding references (and most of Appsheet.)

I believe when a record is created or updated from the child form, the parent reflects the change.
Example: I have a Work Order Form table. The WO# references the Work Order table. So all Work Order level data lives in the Work Order table. All the Work Order specific data lives in the Work Order Form table.
When I create a new work order via the form, clicking “New” in the WO# box brings up the columns of the Work Order table. I thought when I fill that out and click save, that information would show up in the Work Order table, but it does not. The only place I can find that data is after I save the Work Order Form it shows up in the Work Order Form table.

I think I need it broken down barney style. Please help.

Hi @rmsmeltz
These articles may be helpful.


Still don’t get it, but I’m learning. Thank you for the articles. I’ll keep practicing.

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