Reference problem

I created an app to register informations of apartment/buildings that the company is listing. We have to tables, one for the buildings and one for the apartments (because we may be trying to list two or more apartments in the same building and need to save the infos of the doorman besides having them listed or not)
I tried to ref one to another so i could see all the apartments of the building or register a new apt to the building, it did work but it appear the wrong colum,

I’ll try to explain better… I had to put a field to the user put a random number to be used as key (because of the complex type of adresses we have here, they could be the same), so when i ref the code of the building in the building table to the code of the building in the apartment table it worked as I wanted to except that that random number used as key is used as the building code and the user cannot change that. How can i change to the building code be the new building code?

I’m sorry if its hard to understand, I can try another way if its not possible

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