Reference table permissions based on parent table view permissions

Hi Everyone.

I have a parent table and a child table. Child table is linked to the parent table by a common “Ref” field.

The parent table stores a list of maintenance jobs to be done. The Child table stores a list of comments, who made the comment and when the comment was made. The child table may have zero, one or many comments recorded for any individual record (maintenance job) in the parent job.

All works well when the parent (maintenance job) has a an open status.

However, when I mark a parent record as being completed I have a problem. I have created a slice to show closed jobs on the parent table. The closed jobs slice on the parent table has the update mode set to read only. Which works fine for the parent table. You cannot make changes in the parent table.

In the closed maintenance slice, to show the child comment records, I have include the reference to the child comments field in the slice. The problem is, the child table has permissions set to “Adds”. Which is normally correct when the parent records are in an open status. However, when the parent record is read only, which it is the closed maintenance slice, the child record continues to allow Adds, as per its table permissions.

My question is how do I get the automated generated detail (etc) views for the child table to be read only when the view they are called from is a read only slice.

You can:

  1. Create a new VC with formula: REF_ROWS("YourSliceName", "KeyID")

  2. Add this new VC to the read only “Closed Maintenance Slice” and remove the system generated REF_ROW from the slice.

Since you already have a primary view of the slice, this new VC will only show “View” and there is no “Add”.


Much appreciated.

Your suggestion is much simpler than what I was trying and your solution works - unlike what I was trying.