Reference to data from two tables

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Community, I need help with the following.
I need to be able to select from a dropdown (Equipment), but the data that I can select is in two tables that have the same structure, but one contains Recovered equipment, and another contains Manufactured equipment.
In the drop-down menu, you would have to view the Equipment Id, and select recovered equipment or manufactured equipment, regardless of which table they come from.

Honestly, I can’t figure out how to do it, and I don’t even know if it’s possible.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you!

You’ll probably need to setup the column as an ENUM or ENUM list with a Valid_IF formula of something like this:

Select(Table1[Column Name],TRUE)
Select(Table2[Column Name],TRUE)

This should create 2 lists then merge them together into one list

Thanks Simon, if I did not misunderstand I create the EnumList type field with reference to Table1, and in Valid_IF creating a formula like the one I show below, will I be able to visualize values ​​from both tables?

Select (Table1 [Column Name], TRUE)
Select (Table2 [Column Name], TRUE))

It will just create a list of items from both tables e.g.


This won’t work, you can’t AND two lists together, you have to use +

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Sounds like you should stay with single (one) table rather than splitting to different table, then use slice to split them out to two (virtual) tables , which will definitely make your life with Appsheet easier.


Yes! after the explanation, I opted for that, unfortunately the tables are in different applications, but I will go that way. Thank you!

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Gracias por la ayuda Simon!!!


This is also very good advice. Avoid having 2 sheets when 1 will work. Since it adds to the sync times