Reference, turning off

Is there a way to turn off the reference for individual Ref columns

For example, I have a table for Units of Measure. but I don’t want the Ref Arrow to display because I don’t want a view of each UoM.

I sill want to keep the reference links for Asset Type and Recreaction…

In the system actions list of the Assets table you may have a system action something like
View Ref (UoM Table’s Key Name) ( An example below)

You could select prominance “Do not display” for that action

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Thank you for your reply

I removed SHOW from the column structure for the Ref

It still references the table BUT does not give a detail list view of all assets of type UoM

If that makes sense

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sorry I could not understand. Could you please elaborate?

@Steve_Fuller It sounds that you made a wrong update. Suvrutt proposed to hide the Ref’s action as “Do not display”, not the related virtual column.