Reference View Slice


Apologies if this questions has already been asked couldn’t find it anywhere.

I have a ref view that displays live projects inside the customer view. I want the REF view to only show live projects and ones that have been completed to be hidden.

But I carn’t find where I can apply the slice inside the System Generated REF View.

Can any one help?



The ref view chosen is determined by the table or slice referenced by the values of the data. If the data is a list of Ref to MyTable, the ref view for MyTable will be used. If the data is a list of Ref to MySlice, the ref view for MySlice will be used.

Hi @Steve

I have a table called Live customer and a table called live projects.

Live projects References Live customer table for customer ID

Inside Live customer then a appears a REF view for Live projects which is system generated.

I only want that REF live Projects to show the projects that are not complete. But I can’t set where that REF Live projects view should get results Via a slice instead of the full Live Projects table.

In the system-generated virtual column (Related Live Projects?), modify the existing app formula by replacing the name of the table with the name of the slice.