Referenced action based on value from different table

There’s one table which holds a bunch of addresses, say Address, against some town.

There’s another ‘persons’ table.

What I want to do is to assign a person against a bunch of addresses which share the same town name.

I have made another ‘link’ table, which has a column named town, which is a valid if from the address table - Address[Town]

There’s another column which shows all addresses against the same town.

filter(“Address”, [Town]=[_THISROW].[Town])

Then there’s a person column which is a ref from the person table.

What I want to achieve is to write the person name in the address table against the addresses which are chosen here.

I know that is achieveable by using a referenced action on the rows of the address table. The referenced rows would be the ones that match the addresses with the ones chosen here in the link table.

But I don’t know how to write the person name into that table. If I use a data change action, then I cannot figure out how to use the person name there, which is dynamic and dependent on the link table column.

Maybe it’s just too early in the morning, but I can’t make sense of what you want to do.



It’s okay @Steve, I got you; grab some coffee mate! partyparrot (Appsheet)


So you want to modify the address table records based on the values from your link table?

That goes against standard practices; your address table should stand as just that - addresses. You’ve already gone the correct route and create a link table to connect everything together.

If you make all the columns in your link table ref columns (to each respective table), you’ll end up with a related list of link records on each of those tables. So on your Addresses table, you’ll have a list of all the link records associated to that address - which would show the people you selected.

You could use a list dereference to pull a list of names from that.

Or maybe just the presence of an inline view listing all the associated names would be enough inside your app.

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