Referenced Enum List Problems

In my tasks view, I have three columns that reference my staff table, and these are ‘task by’ ‘assigned to’ and ‘completed by’.

I have attached images of each, for some reason. As I progress through the fields, I seem to loose an option each time. Can anyone suggest why this might be?

I shall magically intuit how your app works from nothing, and…


Nope, I got nothing.

Still trying to fix this and still no luck.

I have a table for creating tasks, within this table, I have three fields, Related Projects, Related Contacts and Task By fields, that are Enum List fields, with a Base Type set to Ref. They respectively reference my Projects, Contacts and Staff tables.

The drop down for Related Projects show 6 of almost 100 projects. The drop down for Related Contacts shows 1 of the almost 100 contacts I have. The Task By drop down displays 1 of the three entries I have in.

This almsot appears to be a bug, I have no clue as to why this could be happening. Happy to add someone with knowledge intot the app to check this out if required.

Please contact for help with this.

Thanks @Steve, I’ll send them an email.

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@David2, @Steve was there a fix to this? I’m experiencing this now.

I can share something I discovered just within the last few days that may be relevant: When using an Enum (or EnumList) of Ref, AppSheet does not automatically list all existing Ref targets, as it does when using a column of type Ref directly. Instead, when using Enum (or EnumList) of Ref, you will have to use Valid If or Suggested values to produce the complete list of possible Ref values.


Thanks Steve, that was a big help. I’d setup multiple forms in my app, all using the same enumlist ref to the same table and in each form, I’d get different values ranging from nothing to only some of those in the referenced table. Ironically, I needed to add a qualifier to the “Valid If” field anyway but I burned up a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what was going on. You saved me banging my head a bit more on this one but this requirement should probably be documented formally to save others the trouble.

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