Referenced images and notes not pulling through ref when new ones added

(Ellie F) #1

I am hoping someone can please help me. I have an app to record jobs and have two referenced worksheets that contain notes and images linked to the job by the job reference.
in the job screen I have a section that shows referenced notes and a section that shows referenced images. if i click new in either section I can add new images / notes and they work fine. The job reference is captured so that the referencing works well.
however if I click view and then use the plus sign for notes this process still works but for images it doesn’t capture the job reference. Please can someone suggest what I have missed as I am at a loss.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Is it possible that your ref colums is set as “Not editable”. Another reason could be that your inline image view is a Gallery view and that’s the reason for this issue.

(Ellie F) #3

my inline view was a deck and the ref columns were set as editable. Does the inline view have to be table in order for this to work or is there a way around this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Yes that’s correct. It will do that only with the table view.