References between tables - (quick tutorial)

Here’s a quick tutorial regarding how to setup relationships between tables - curious for your thoughts: does this help describe how to think about relationships in your data?



Link goes to Copy and Customize Sample Apps

Sorry about that Mike, should be back up now!

@Peter The link leads to the “Facility Inspections App”.

Hi. I have virtual columns added to a table to be shown in a section in my app. Co-borrowers can be seen in that section because it’s one of the virtual columns I added. My problem is when I enter details to other virtual columns, it’s not showing any entries. I checked my google sheet and the entries are there. Ex. I have added an entry to Spouse, I can see it in google sheet but it says (0) entry in the app. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 10.53.35 AM

Hi @MEC, mind posting this as it’s own thread for visibility and adding a little more detail about what you mean by ‘enter details to other virtual columns’? Thanks!

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Hi Peter. All good now. I figured the problem. Thanks