Referencing 3 tables

Hey guys,

I created an inspection app for our collision center, and I am wwondering how can I reference 3 tables.

Here are my tables :

Client - which stores customer data

Vehicle - which stores vehicle information

Inspection - which stores vehicle inspection

  • Vehicle is reference to the customer

-Inspection is reference to the vehicle

I created a inspection view for done and not done inspections, and I want to be able to see the customers info withing the Inspection detail view.

I referenced the client table in my inspection table but it doesn’t work, guessing because it doesn’t make any relations to the client table, So I guess I will need to pick this information from the vehicle table that is already referenced to the customer.

Is there an easier way to do this ?

Hello @Jimmy_Ruptash1 , welcome to our community !

You can use dereferences to pull data directly from parent records to your child records using your ref columns, see here:

BUT you can also chain dereferences, lets say for example you need your client name in your inspection table, but you don’t have a reference between inspection-client, but only inspection-vehicle and vehicle-client

You would use a expression like this:

[Inspection REF].[Vehicle REF].[Client name]

Maybe that is an easier solution for you


You are an absolute legend. It didn’t work at first but then realized it’s because the data wasn’t populated on the app yet.

Thank a lot!