Referencing an Enumlist for Validiation

(Rich Ellis) #1

Is it possible to pull an enumlist from a specific record and use that as your data validation? For example, I have a list of buildings that are in a specific change request. The user can then create a change order from this request but I want to give them the ability to select only the buildings if not all buildings were included in the change order.

I tried a lookup command but it seems to be yielding an error.


Error Message

Column Name ‘Sites’ in Schema ‘MasterChange_Orders_PMO_Schema’ of Column Type ‘EnumList’ has an invalid data validation constraint ‘=lookup([_thisrow].[Related_CR],“Change_Requests_PMO”,“CR_UID”,“Sites”)’. MORE INFOGO TO THE PROBLEM

(Reza Raoofi) #3

Wrap your LOOKUP(…) expression in SPLIT() function; it should work.

(Marc Dillon) #4

So the “Sites” column was a text value like “buildingA,buildingB,buildingC”, and the split() function turns that into a list value?

(Reza Raoofi) #5

Yes, correct.