Referencing another table - to show value

I am having trouble with a reference expression.
I have two tables:

Assets (Table A)
Geoforce (Table B)

I created a Virtual column in Table A that ref - Table B:

I use this expression to match up the item.

I then use this virtual column to show the column i want:

I am not getting any values?

The App formula expression for Ref Attached Sling cannot itself itself.


IFS([_Computed Key] = [Ref Attached Sling].[Newcomputedkey], [Ref Attached Sling].[UNTRACKED ASSETS] )

How do i compare the two tables? I have items in both tables with matching ids.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I need to first match the items ( matching the item from both tables) then show the items column (from Table B) [untracked assets] in this table (Table A).

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I got it Steve - thanks for the help…

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What did you get?

I figured it out…

Nice. What was the solution?

Sorry. For this late response.
I used this expression and it worked for me:

Select(Geoforce[untracked assets], [Newcomputedkey] = [_THISROW].[_Computed Key],true)


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! :smiley:

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