Referencing: Expressions to get data from a different table

in PRODUCTS table, can I make a Virtul Column with a expression ‘GET [Profit %] from SETTINGS table where [Email] is equal to USEREMAIL()’

I have a product catalog app where I want users to set their own listing prices on the products. For instance, on the app, a product is listed to $10 and a users wishes to add another $3 (30%) to mark a profit, how can I achieve this?

I have set up a product table with my listing price and settings table with useremail and user profit percentage. I want the user retail price (ie, $13) to show on the product detail page.

I have tried, using user settings but it’s not working somehow.

Anyone with answers? Thanks

If you don’t have relationship between these two tables, it would be something like… LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),“Settings”,“Email”,“Profit %”)

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This works perfectly, Thank You

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You’re welcome

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