Referencing(?) issue?

I’m trying to auto populate rows in my form dependant on first selection, I want the next line to fill in the address of the matching selection…

But when I try to(de?)reference it with [show id].[venue address], it says it’s right, but if I put it in the formula box, it makes the field disappear?..and if I put the same expression in the initial value box, it doesn’t work?

What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Can you please upload here the whole formula for Name and Address?

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It sounds either you don’t have any address in Show record or because you are using normal column, you haven’t opened and saved the record after the formula is created.

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Thanks aleksi, I guess I needed to sleep on it. I think I was also kept looking at the wrong “date”.

But I’m still having issues understanding referencing.

I’ve created a vcolumn that measures the distance from the latlong in one column and the latlong in another and then converts it to miles. This column is called [in miles]
I have a regular column called [milage], that I want populated with the number from [in miles]

But I’ve tried many different ways and put the reference different places and opened and [milage] just comes up blank even when I try to re-save in case it just hasn’t picked it up. I keep getting hung up on little references like total road blocks for what I’m doing :woman_facepalming:
I’ve tried just referencing [in miles] or [_thisrow].[in miles] or id[in miles] and anything else I can think of
(Just tried a couple more ways that came to mind, but still nothing)

*on a side note, once I get this figured out…
If you have 2 columns: 1 with an address and 1 with a latlong
Is there a way for the latlong column to pick up the latlong from the address entered in the address coloumn? Or no?

Yes you can read it like LOOKUP([_THISROW].[ADDRESS],“TableName”,“Address”,“LatLongColumn”)

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In generally… please check this article.

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Thank you!!!

Is there an article on more about this?

Please check this article…

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I feel terrible for asking so many questions, but I just can get this figured out and have watched every single video and read sooooo many links related to what I’m trying to do and distance, latlong, addresses and locations and I’m STILL stuck and seriously don’t want to give up…
I’m pretty sure what I’m trying to do IS doable, I just can’t get it to work.
Not sure if I need more columns to help it better calculate or what.

I have an “itinerary” table
I want to be able to enter a “coming from” address and then have the “hidden from” column reference(?) the address in “coming from” and translate it to the approx latlong.
Then I have a “going to” column and a “hidden going” column, that I want to basically do the same, but with a different address.

Then I want to be able to calculate the distance between the 2 as well as calculate the travel time that would take.

  • I think I know how to do this part, at least the distance part and I’ll have to figure out some math to calculate the time…somehow, if that possible.

But I’m stuck because I can’t figure out how the get the latlong columns to pick up on the addresses entered and then calculate the latlong without physically moving the latlong indicator or knowing the latlong of the address.

If anyone understands what I’m trying to do and could offer some advice, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is not a direct way to get the LatLong for an address. We hope that this will be changing soon with Google acquiring AppSheet. (A lot of Geo Location functions are most likely changing for the better - fingers crossed)

For now, you have two options:

  1. Manually lookup and enter an approximate LatLong for the address.
  2. Create a Google API call to get the LatLong value. Depending on frequency of calls, this option can result in restrictions or require a paid account. Check into those restrictions first.
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Thank you! Great to know before I stress even more!

Just to confirm…

I won’t be able to pick up an address from a latlong OR a latlong from an address? Correct?
As in, even if an address is entered into one field and drops a pin, there’s no way to have another field with a latlong see that pin and translate that into a latlong…right?

That’s correct.

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