Referencing label column of table from EnumList Ref column in a different table

If I have an EnumList Ref column and I call out the Ref column in a report using the format of <<[RefColumn]>>, it will print the list of the appropriate values from the key column of the referenced table. I understand that part. But what if I instead want to print the values of the label column of the referenced table? If I use a list deference such as [RefColumn][OtherTableLabelColumn], that field in my report just shows up blank. Why is that?

Try with dot… [RefColumn].[OtherTableLabelColumn]


HI @Aleksi, that works fine for me if I make the column a Ref but as soon as I change to an EnumList Ref, I get this message:

Attachment template. Expression ‘[Assigned to].[_ComputedName]’ is invalid due to: Column Assigned to in expression ‘[Assigned to].[_ComputedName]’ does not contain a reference."


This should work, assuming that dereference is wrapped in <<, >>. Was it? Perhaps post a screenshot of the template?


Sorry… didn’t realize you were using Enumlist. As Steve said, it should create a list of values if you have values in that column.


Hi @Steve and @Aleksi, I got busy and left this for a day and it seems to be working fine now using the list deference. It did have the <<>> brackets initially so I’m not entirely certain what changed but I’ll take it as a win! Thanks for the help!

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