Referencing tables within restricted formula


I am a dairy farmer using appsheet to track my ladies!

I have a data table that has their eartag number [Cow ID#] and their national livestock tracing number [NLID]. Unfortunately the cowtags are three digit, so we can remember them easily and they repeat every 400 cows. The NLID is unique per cow.

When a calf is born her mother is called a DAM, so we also assign this data to the calf when she is born [DAM] and of course, the [DAM - NLID]. So we can see the history of cow.

Now we have different statuses [Status] for each cow, but important here is we want to only generate a list of cow id#s that are still on the farm.

So for example, a calf is born, and I want to assign it a DAM, but I have designed it by the dropdown reference by cow ID # (the shorter three digit number that easy to remember). BUt since we repeat numbers, I am given a selection of duplicates. Ideally, I would like to include the [Status] in the dropdown selection.


1 - Sold
1 - Sold
1 - Cow Pregnant
2 - Cow Pregnant
2 - Sold
3 - Sold
3 - Cow not pregnant

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance!


I can give you a solution

Make DAM data as a master sheet with cowid as key

Then a make a child sheet to with data and all and give ref to the cow sheet and update the status in the calf sheet so when you click open the cow data in the reference view you will have all the data of the cow as well as the calf data of that particular cow with status and all

Hope this will help