Referencing the filtered set of data after using Linktofilteredview


I am using a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW action when a user clicks on a row. It displays a view with data filtered to the key of the selected row.
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Sections”, [Parent Task ID] = [Task ID])

That all works fine. The issue is that now a user is in this new filtered view “Sections” and wants to create a new record, how do I reference the filtered/data key that they are currently within?
E.g. One of the rows in this Section view is an ENUM that display a list of sections to select from. This list should only present sections that have not already been created within this filtered view. How do I reference what the current filtered view in this formula?

Wouldn’t the “filtered/data key” be either Parent Task ID or Task ID?

Hi Steve, that is correct but how do I refer to the specific key that was used to do the filtering after using the linktofilteredview action?

Ah, rereading your original post, I now see the problem. I don’t have a solution.

You could try using a grouped action where the first action records the key value to a VC and the second is your LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()

How does an action record a value to a virtual column?

Sorry, you are right Steve, it has to be a real column. As there is no sync when loading the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(), my idea may not work.

Darn! I was hoping you knew something I didn’t! That’d be a nice feature! :slight_smile:


Maybe, for the dropdown, you could try something like this in the valid_if:

SELECT(SectionTable[EnumCol],TRUE)-SELECT(SectionTable[EnumCol],[Task ID]=[_THISROW].[Task ID])

Hi @Steve,

Just want to see if this still isn’t an available option.

I’m trying to do the same thing essentially display action buttons depending on the user and filter condition after going to a filtered view. If not I’ll create different views for the different options and put all the conditions in the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW and set my action being available or not based on the view.

There are just a lot of options though so I was hoping to just do it all in the action behaviour section with a single view.


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I’d use a view-control table where I store the user and the chosen filter condition. I’d then use the value of this record in the Behavior formula of the Action.