Reff Column Type with criteria

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How to make Reff Column Type with criteria?

I have 2 tables namely the po_bookno table and the po table.

I want to retrieve data in the po table po no column by using the type reff in po no with the “NEW” status criteria and this status is related to the po table

how to make it?

I made a slice with criteria NEW status, but when the status table po changes the data is lost

Based on information shared by you and based on my understanding, it sounds that you wish to limit values of reference column in the child table po_bookno to po no where the category is new.

So instead of creating a slice, you may restrict the values of reference columns to NEW po no with a valid_if expression in the reference column something like

SELECT( po [po no], [Status]=“NEW”)

The above valid if will ensure that the reference dropdown has only po no with status as NEW. The approach assumes that po no is your key column in parent table po

Hope this helps. Please test well as per your requirement.

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