Refresh data

After I change data in my spreadsheet (google docs) how do I refresh that data in the app ?


If just adding rows, Sync. If you changed columns, Regenerate Structure.

What if I changed the actual data?
I have a column with GPS locations that are shown on a map. I changed the location directly in the spreadsheet but the map in the app still shows the same location.

Each user must resync their app. There is no way to push changes made directly to the spreadsheet to the app.

On the right side I have the preview of the app and when I click on the refresh button in the right top corner the map stays the same. Is there is another way ?

This button, yes:


You can also try reloading your browser tab (Ctrl+R), and doing a “hard reload” (Shift+Ctrl+R).

If that isn’t updating your data, the first thing to check is how the spreadsheets is laid-out. Can you provide a screenshot that includes the column headers and at least some of the cells containing the changes you made?

Thank you for all the help. The issue was with me and editing wrong spreadsheet :pleading_face: :exploding_head:

It all works fine now

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