Refresh the page without reloading the entire app

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I am showing youtube video with a specific start and end time using Youtube url parameters (ex: )

The problem is that once the video portion is over, the user can’t easily reload the video at the specific start and end time. The user is forced to watch the video from the beginning. I’ve spent a lot of time to try to solve this with the youtube parameters (ie: loop, autoplay parameters) but youtube doesn’t allow it. There are proposed solutions online but they don’t work anymore:

As a workaround, I simply added a field below the video to simulate a page refresh by having a LINKTOROW() to the same record. It works but the user can use that trick only once. Appsheet doesn’t allow to redirect to the same page twice.


Any idea how I can “reload” the page more than once so the user can see again the exact video portion?

Thank you!

Please explore if following workaround helps.

Point to note: I tested it in a test app on detail view with a video type field, however not exactly starting the video at a specific point. So the suggestion below may or may not work in the app set up you have. Also the back button in header (<–) may keep going back to detail views if one has iterated many times on the same record. However the suggestion definitely addresses part of LINKTOROW() working multiple times on the same record.

Approach: If your system detail view is called say “VideoShow_Detail”, then have another detail view copied from this detail view and name it say “VideoShow_Detail 2”

Build two different LINKTOROW() actions to each of the above 2 detail views. In each action conditions, have CONTEXT(“View”) alternating on these two views. CONTEXT (“View”)=“View 2” for first action and CONTEXT (“View”)=“View” for second action.


Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar. Will give it a try.

That works. Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar !

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Great to know that Alex. Thank you for the update.