Ref's and adding new records from a parent form. not pre-populating

(Mark Tiffany) #1

Hi I have 3 tables Quotes, Customers, Contacts.

Quotes are linked to Customers and Contacts so a quote stores a customer and a contact from the customer.

When I create a new quote and want to add a new contact. it opens the contact entry form doesn’t do either of the following.

  1. In the contact entry form the customer is not pre-populated from the quote from customer field
  2. When I enter a contact and go back the quote it does populate with contact field with the new contact I have just created.

Any Ideas ?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Do you use any slices or security filters with those tables?

(Mark Tiffany) #3

Yes I do!

I’ll remove them from the test instance and see if that helps.

(Mark Tiffany) #4

no luck :frowning: worth a shot though

(Levent Kulacoglu) #5

Possibly you refs might have been set incorrectly. Can you give details from your column structures pls.? Thnx.