"Regenerate Columns " seems to be the one th...

(Jerry Lan) #1

"Regenerate Columns " seems to be the one

thing that prevents us from improving the app while our users are using the app. We can pause but this is inconvenient and not yet practical for the users and the developper. I have this feature suggestion…Can we add the column name on the excel sheet and add the same column name as virtual column? Once the app detects the same column name, it automatically change the virtual column to a normal column matching the table in the excel sheet. There is no more need to regenerate in this case.This will avoid the error message that appear if there is column mismatch which make the users lose confidence on the reliability and the robustness of the app.

(Grant Stead) #2

How about we can choose to tie the sheet and appsheet together and add columns directly from the editor :wink: