Regenerate Structure removes require? (Bug?)

Whenever I regenerate my table I lose my require for a column if it doesn’t have a formula. Is this a bug?

I set GET_URGENT as Required. There are NO expressions in any property for it.

Regenerated the table. Still the same.

Added a new column in my data source, Google Sheets. GET_URGENT still set as Required.

Deleted column in data source. Regenerated table. Still set as Required.

But this is an extremely simple table. I don’t know if that plays into it. It seems like I remember it happening before to me.

@Austin_Lambeth, are you using a database data store?


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Developers are aware of this bug. It appears to affect tables built on a database, but not tables built on spreadsheets.



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Of note, if I set the column to not null in my database it will set the require to checked if I regenerate even if it wasn’t before FYI.

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I’ve passed that on. Thanks!

Any idea of an ETA on fixing this? If it will be soon (< 2 weeks) I will ignore it and wait. If it is likely to take a long time, I may have to force the matter using a Required_If=TRUE expression. I’m afraid that might be less efficient. Or is it really the same difference?

I’m afraid I don’t know, and it’s not likely I’ll find out over the weekend. :slight_smile:

I encourage anyone adversely affected by this to contact so the developers have a better sense of the impact.

I’m 99% sure there is not efficiency loss when doing required=true, over the toggle. I believe the only time it matters is the is editable.

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I would think any impact would be negligible. I went ahead and did this for columns in key tables that are undergoing data entry and active development so I could move on. I have a support case open and will post back any news.

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I have just confirmed that this issue is resolved for me. I was notified by support on 6/22 but just finally had a chance to fully confirm.