Regenrating column when adding new column on google sheet

So my app is not functioning after I added a column on google sheets. I did the suggested tip to regenrate the columns on appsheet but now all my column names are displaying an input rather then the original column names with the added column name on google sheets. Everytime I try to restore an earlier version while also deleting the added column on google sheet it does not work!
This is what I get on the emulator before regenerating columns–
"Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: There is a mismatch in the number of columns between the spreadsheet for Form Responses 1 and the table schema. The table has 23 columns but the schema has 21 columns. Please regenerate the table column structure. Error: Data table ‘TattooConsentForm-1606719:1.000046:Form Responses 1’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Form Responses 1’ is either inaccessible or empty."

Please contact for help with this.

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