Regex Regular expression in Valid if


I have a form.
And I have the following regex expression: /^[A-Z]{6}\d{2}[A-Z]\d{2}[A-Z]\d{3}[A-Z]$/i

It’s a string of 16 characters with the following regular expression:
6 consonant letters
2 numbers
1 consonant letter
2 numbers
1 consonant letter
3 numbers
1 letter (both vowels and consonants)

How do I rewrite that in order to put it in a VALID IF column constrain in my Form?
Thanks in advance

As we don’t have Regex expression, you would need to have 12…16 separate validation rules like…
IN(MID([_THIS],1,1),{list of consonant letters}),
IN(MID([_THIS],2,1),{list of consonant letters}),