Registration App I'm trying to make a regist...

(Paul Petersen) #1

Registration App

I’m trying to make a registration app for a conference, have any of you ever tried something like that?

I need to collect basic information, as well as allow registrants to choose workshops, and use an external payment website. Right now my biggest snag is that I’m not sure how to open that payment page without navigating to a separate window or browser. Does anyone have any experience with something like that?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The registration app itself is quite basic and it’s not the biggest job to do. For the payment you need to find suitable payment platform with the API connection. Because the app is sending the data only when you sync the data, you can’t have an online connection between the app and payment gateway. One way is to genarate the booking record and then the Webhook/API will send a payment link with an email and the customer can pay it. Then you need another connection where you are able to read the payment status (done or not).