Related data from others tables

Hello, my english it’s not that good, I hope made myself clear,

I don’t know how to describe my problem, I have 3 tables,
orders, details, products

On my home view I have a list of orders by serial number, 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.

on my detail order view I have some fields about the order: date, total, taxes, etc.
inside this detail order I have a table with my products on that order, in this table, I only have the serial order and the id from the product and quantity.

I want in this table show the products names, not only the id, I have the table already with the id products but I don’t know how to show the name of the product.

maybe already exists a video explaining this but I can’t find the words looking for my problem, the videos I have found only uses 2 tables.

hope you can help me.
thank you in advance.

If product is a ref field type and id is the key column for it, then the name will be accessible to a virtual (or real) column as [product].[name]


Hello, thank you for your reply, now I get it!, when you have ref field type it became into an array with all the data about that record!
thank again for your help!

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Yes you got it. Good luck with your app.

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