Related Details Not Showing

Hi All,
I used to see all the details 3 days ago.
suddenly all the views after I clicked the related views is just date and image of sub-parent.
it is just circulating to inline and details view but showing nothing
I have multiple layers of relationship.

project >To Do>Dimension>SubPart

My guess is you made a change to the ref views, or you changed the target of the Ref columns.

In the app editor, immediately under the app emulator, the view and data set used on screen is given. Make sure they’re what you expect, and confirm that they’re each configured as intended.


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I really think something is strange in this app.

why can’t I delete this view? or all the view?

System generated view is not deleable.
Even after you explicitely, delete, it comes back.


I have closed and open and manage to delete now. my problem persist.
still cannot see the related data which I able to add under parent-child relational.

Please contact for help with this.

Thanks, Steve. I did. but in the end I re-make the app.

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