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(JudiP) #1

For each repair form submitted there can be several images (photos) that can be taken of damage. These images will need to be emailed. When I attempt to attach the column “related images” to a workflow, I receive the message “The expression is valid but its result type ‘Number’ is not one of the expected types: Drawing, Image, Thumbnail, Signature, File, Text”

(Steve Coile) #2

How are you attaching the column to the workflow?

(JudiP) #3

On the workflow, I have an expression of [related images] on the “Other Attachments” field.

(Steve Coile) #4

Based on the error, I’d have to assume the related images column is of type Number.

(JudiP) #5

When it auto created it defaulted to “list”. Should I change it to “image”?

(Steve Coile) #6

Try ANY([related images]).

(JudiP) #7

ANY([Related Images]) returned “The expression is valid but its result type ‘Ref’ is not one of the expected types: Drawing, Image, Thumbnail, Signature, File, Text”

(Steve Coile) #8

Does the Image table contain any columns of the required types?

(JudiP) #9

Images table looks like this:

(Steve Coile) #10

Note that your designated key column for the Images table is _RowNumber, but it appears you intended to use the Key column for this purpose. That explains why the error complained about a number.

For Other Attachments, try [Related Images][Image]. Note that the is no period between the two column names.

(JudiP) #11

Images are not attaching. It was working but am unsure when it broke and so don’t know what actually caused the issue. Update I’ve gone back to a previous version and things are working better now. Odd thing, now, is that the attachments(images) are not on the sent email unless I send it from a test and then all the images are attached.

(Philip Garrett) #12

Hi Judi,

Your Images table should have a Ref field that refers to the parent table record.
Is the “FKEY” field the Ref column doing this?

If so, there will be a system added Reverse Ref field in the parent table.
It will contain the list of keys of the corresponding child records in the Images table.

In your workflow template, you can include a Start expression that uses the Reverse Ref field to retrieve and display each of the child Images records.

(JudiP) #13

Is this what you mean? <<Start: [Related Images [Image]]>>

I’ve added it to my “other attachments” expression, but see the following error:

Expression ‘<<Start: [Related Images [Image]]>>’ could not be parsed due to exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary…

(Philip Garrett) #14

In “Other attachments” try
[Related Images [Image]][Image]

(JudiP) #15

Unable to find column 'RELATED IMAGES [IMAGE]][IMAGE]

(Philip Garrett) #16

It look like you are missing the opening [

[Related Images [Image]][Image]

(JudiP) #17

I have this entered: [Related Images [Image]][Image]

The error reads: Unable to find column ‘RELATED IMAGES [IMAGE]][IMAGE’

(Philip Garrett) #18

Can you provide

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule name
(JudiP) #19

acct id: 335788
app name: Chromebook Repairs
workflow rule: Email Media

(Philip Garrett) #20

Hi Judi,

It looks like you fixed it.

The correct expression is: [Related Images].[Images]

I was confused about the name of your Reverse Ref field in table “Forms”.
I did not realize that the Reverse Ref field name was simply “Related Images”.

I thought your Reverse Ref field was called “Related Images [Image]” because that is close to our old default naming scheme for Reverse Ref fields. Sorry for the confusion.

Is it working for you now? Are the image being attached to your emails?