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(JudiP) #21

It wasn’t working with that yesterday. Today, I can’t even get an email. However, I see everything it coming through okay on the spreadsheet. However, I am having other issues with Google blocking forwarded emails from less secure sources today,.

(JudiP) #22

-------UPDATE------- I undeployed the app. I received an email, but with no image

(Philip Garrett) #23

Hi Judi,

The email did not contain the image because of the order in which the form was added and the image was added. The form record was added first and this immediately triggered the workflow rule. The image record was added a few seconds later, so it was not yet present when the workflow rule was triggered. That is why the image was omitted from the email.

Your expression is correct and it would have worked had the image been present.

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(JudiP) #24

How do I change the order they are added?

(Philip Garrett) #25

See topic " Sending Email After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children" in this article

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(JudiP) #26

Email isn’t being sent unless I choose “all changes” on the form saved event on my action. then it will send the email, but no attachments,