Related list - display uniques / group by field

I’m trying to find a way to group those rows by 1st two columns
(those should have only unique values) and last 3 columns should display sum of those…

Could anyone help me to achive that?

Maybe if you show us an example of the data and how you want it to look, that might help

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Sure, I’ve just updated uploaded picture in my 1st post.

Send me a screen shot of the columns you have in the SPAKOWANO table

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Create a virtual Yes/No columm called [Unique] in SPAKOWANO with this formula

[_RowNumber]=MAX(Select(SPAKOWANO[_RowNumber],[Nazwa SPECYFIKACJI]=[_ThisRow].[Nazwa SPECYFIKACJI]))

Then change your start expression to

<<START: Select([SPAKOWANOs][ID],[Unique]=TRUE)>>

That should get column 1 correct


Thank you for helping me with this!

I had this:

I’ve created virtual column called [Unique] in SPAKOWANO with this formula:

[_RowNumber]=MAX(Select(SPAKOWANO[_RowNumber],[Nazwa SPECYFIKACJI]=[_ThisRow].[Nazwa SPECYFIKACJI]))

Then I’ve changed
<<Start: [Related SPAKOWANOs] >>

<<START: Select([Related SPAKOWANOs][ID],[Unique]=TRUE)>>

Now it looks:


Something happend, but many of those are still missing.

Send a screen shot of both the template file and the whole table for the example above with 12 rows of data. Its hard to understand which columns your trying to group by

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And after changes:

I’m trying to group by [DPL] but number values from last 3 columns (Worków / Palet / kg ) should consolidate.

I’ve made something like this in app view, it shows grouped DPL’s:


Automation is triggered from diffrent table “WYNIKI PRODUKCJI”, whom SPAKOWANO is related to.

Any ideas?

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