Related records not showing for View/Edit records but do for New

I inadvertedly removed the wrong table (parent) recently on an app (oops!), but since adding it back in, I’ve not been able to get the related records to work on two child tables.

There is only one Ref Type field set for the child tables, and for both, the IsPartOf checkbox is selected. On the Parent, I can see the virtual column with Ref_Rows function looking at the correct child table, but I don’t see the related records for either table when viewing or editing.

However, If I add in a new record, I do see the related (child) records and can add in + save with no problem, and look good on the Google Sheet backend.

Trying to figure out why I can not see in View or Edit. Advice much appreciated.

When you recreated the parent table, did the rows of the recreated table have the same key column and key column values as the original table? From what you describe, I’d guess no. The recreated table must have the same key column and the rows of the table must have the same key column values they had previously.


Thanks Steve - I did figure it out eventually.

The parent / child keys were correct. My issue was that in the UX [Parent]Detail View, I had a Custom column order, and was missing the Related[child] field. Maybe my initial working out the keys/refs it didn’t get added. Adding it in, it now shows the related records.