Related records not showing in workflow email

Hi there, in my app I have a table [Orders] and related records [Materials] with products and quantities. I want the workflow email triggered by a new Order to also include the related Materials (with products and quantities), sent to our purchase sector. I tried several ways to do it, even including [Related][Materials] as suggested in the created template, but it’s not working. Only the mother record [Order] appears. Thanks for the help !

Hi @mgionco
Could you please show a screen shot of your template.


Hi Lynn, here it is:

“Pedidos” (‘Orders’) is the parent
“Produtos” (‘Products’) are the children. They are referenced to the parent (‘part of’).
The first part of the template works, the parent record is shown.
The second part, children records, do not. It always comes blank.

If you are adding the parent record and then the child records make sure you read topic “Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children” in this article


Did not know about it, it seems to cover the situation. I will follow the procedure and let you know if it works. Many thanks

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