Release Notes: 7/17/20

Recent releases and updates:

  • Deref expressions work in more cases. EX: The ability to dereference an Enum with base type Ref. Example: [enum-of-ref-column].[remote-column] Deployed to all

  • Bug fix:dereferences using the current table’s key, they would previously compile, but not return anything. Examples: [key].[current-table-column] and [_THISROW].[current-table-column] Slow rollout, some customers may not see this fix for 2 weeks.

  • Bug fix: WORKDAY() bug, which was an issue with inaccurate output in client-side evaluation. Deployed to all

  • Bug fix: leakage of detailed header view. Fix to recently released detail view feature. Deployed to all.

  • IP Address update Additional details for the update can be found here.

  • Updates to our privacy Policy. Please check your inbox for details.


Great brief, short descriptions whichi makes our App creators life easier. Thank you @JCadence
Let s keep moving!


It’s updates like this that have never been communicated - yet are extremely helpful for advanced users.

Thank you thank you thank you
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First, the ENUM base type REF
Working with a DREF is baller!

Second, love the format of this update!