Release Notes: 7/17/20

Recent releases and updates:

  • Deref expressions work in more cases. EX: The ability to dereference an Enum with base type Ref. Example: [enum-of-ref-column].[remote-column] Deployed to all

  • Bug fix:dereferences using the current table’s key, they would previously compile, but not return anything. Examples: [key].[current-table-column] and [_THISROW].[current-table-column] Slow rollout, some customers may not see this fix for 2 weeks.

  • Bug fix: WORKDAY() bug, which was an issue with inaccurate output in client-side evaluation. Deployed to all

  • Bug fix: leakage of detailed header view. Fix to recently released detail view feature. Deployed to all.

  • IP Address update Additional details for the update can be found here.

  • Updates to our privacy Policy. Please check your inbox for details.


Great brief, short descriptions whichi makes our App creators life easier. Thank you @JCadence
Let s keep moving!


It’s updates like this that have never been communicated - yet are extremely helpful for advanced users.

Thank you thank you thank you
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First, the ENUM base type REF
Working with a DREF is baller!

Second, love the format of this update!


There’s some updated documentation reflecting many of the deref changes in a recent Feature Friday post. Sharing here incase it helps anyone :slight_smile:


Hi Jennifer

i am try to purchase new app sheet for commercial purpose but sales team not contact

Need your support

It would be very early in the AM currently for AppSheet! If your questions are high level, you could always post them here.

Thank you for this!

I’m just now getting a chance to experiment with it. We can now dereference an ORDERBY list of Refs to get other values from that row and sort by any column. Awesome!

However, I’ve noticed you can not dereference the ORDERBY() expression directly.

The ordered Ref-list has to be stored to a Virtual Column first, then that column can be dereferenced to a new list.

ORDERBY(<<LIST_EXPRESSION_OF_REFS>>)[Column] does not work, but

ORDERBY(<<LIST_EXPRESSION_OF_REFS>>) as its own virtual column can be dereferenced.

[OrderedRefs_VC][Column] should be equivalent but it returns key values instead of [Column].

It seems like the Ref lists are only being treated as a list of refs when the expression is by itself.

This is still a great update and is going to be very useful with EnumLists! Thank you, AppSheet! :smiley: