Release notes: 7/28/20

Recent release notes:

  • Add default policy to restrict provider. This can be found in My Account > Policies under “Restrict providers attachable to apps” Deployed to all.
  • Onboarding page improvements. There is now a “done” button on the last onboarding page. Deployed to all.
  • Bug fix: Map cropping in Dashboard view Bug deployed to correct the issue identified in numerous posts, including this one.

Adding quick note.

When we “place” onboard view to “primary”, then we did not see the done button at the end of the slides as well as “x” button at the upper right corner to close the view and jumped to “finished view” as we set. Need to place either Menu or Ref position to see those interaction.

Does not matter where we place onboard view. At the end of slide, we see “done” + “x” button all the time.

As requster for this fix, let me put a brief explanation.


One more release?

Thanks for the changes to Onboarding, but I found some glitches.

I have one Onboarding form that is only one page. The X to close doesn’t show up when changed from Menu/Ref to another position. The Done button does show.

Also, since this is always only one page, can I hide the back button on this view?

On my multipage Onboarding form, The X to close doesn’t show up AT ALL when moved from Menu/Ref.

Note the change. Form name showing, along with Menu button, search and sync when not in Menu/Ref button. All are gone when back in Menu/Ref and the X shows again.

Definitely something needs updating. I don’t understand the inconsistency.