Release Notes: 8/4/20

Recent release notes:

  • Language change: “Blacklist” will now be named “Denylist” and “Whitelist” will be referred to as “Allowlist”

  • ColumnOrder in Form This is a new feature that has been rolled out to roughly 30% of our app Creators. A bug has been identified, the roll out halted, and a bug fix is now taking place.

  • Bug fix: Read EnumList values for Airtable Impacted Creators have been notified. Deployed to all

  • Bug fix: CSHtml syntax error for Airtable Impacted Creators have been notified. Deployed to all

  • Bug fix: Action renaming or deletion triggers error message. If your workflow is being aimed at an unnamed or changed name action, the error message now raises rather than the previous lack of error message. Deployed to all

  • Formatting rules for Card view and actions respect show_if statements This update has been provided in light of several requests in the community. Deployed to all


ColumnOrder in Form? We will be able to organize columns at the UX form level???





I know right! That’s like the last of the Mohicans!
Now we can finally stop making slices for everything!
I think the only other view related sorting going would be lists sort and group! We’re getting there!


Can someone give more input about that?

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There was a post somewhere around it… I think that the card view didn’t respect some formating.

We can now use formatting rules on the card views, basically. Left old, right new:


So pumped with these updates! Creators be like:


Unfortunately some of the updates have created new bugs that have broken our apps, so some of us be like:


For example, cards within card views have started to disappear. Please send a patch this week!



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:partying_face: :fireworks:


Hi @morgan

I haven’t seen any improvement in this card view problem today, which is when you said the patch would be rolled out. Do we have to do anything or is the release delayed?

Hey Sean, two fixes went out yesterday and the final fix that should address this issue should be deployed today (likely around 1pm PST). I will post here and also send you a personal message the moment we deploy.


Hey everyone, the issues mentioned should now be resolved. Let me know if there is anything else you run into.

Thanks again!


Any status on how this feature is progressing. I have not had a chance to test this.

I very nearly cried when I saw this post :sob: :joy: :rofl: :laughing:
There must be a God!.. As I been praying for a long time to have this feature role out to forms!

Please someone tell me this feature is up and running properly? :pleading_face:


I believe it has been delayed as some issues have to be dealt with. I’m looking forward to it as well.

I desperately want to say good bye to all of my form slices whos sole purpose is re-organizing a form as well. Can’t wait for that thing to come out.


No updates to report as of now. We are actively working on bugs that emerged during the initial roll out, will report back when we have more information.


Is this actually the case? Or this just hasn’t been rolled out yet? Because Im still making a sht ton of slices.

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I now have form column ordering

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