Release Notes: 9/28/20

We’re a little behind in release notes, in part because we’ve had so many BIG announcements this month. In this months Feature Friday recap, you can review some of the big items we’ve been focused on. We’re getting back into the grove and will begin providing more complete updates in the near future :slight_smile:


really love these.

Will we get one one for October/November?


Hey @Jonathan_S as of right now, there isn’t anything planned for October or November. I posted a note in a separate thread addressing this, but the short answer is that we need a better internal solution to get the information out. Our engineering team has grown exponentially, which has impacted how we can best communicate what’s being released. We’re really close on finding the right balance and will begin publishing this information again.


Maybe it just me… but feature updates have been really rare this year.

I can imagine there must of been a lot of fundamental changes that needed to happen in the background after Google took over and the team must of grown substantially as you mentioned, but the platform seemed to have stood still since then.

New features, greater usability and general improvements have always managed to inspired me to continue improving and developing apps while exposing more people to appsheet, but I have struggled this year.
Maybe Covid had something to do with it?

Any way I love appsheet and what stood it for…so no disrespect…just being honest

I know last year I requested if there would be an overview of what appsheet users could look forward to expecting from the platform and team in the year. I believe @praveen did one the year before if I am correct.

Really hope you guys are planning to do something for 2021

I still think that the most work to be done is presenting and visualizing data which I think is still a bit lacking in appsheet.

I have hated that I have needed to resort to using to Microsoft Power BI or Pivots to visualizing my data after capturing it with appsheet.
Especially when it comes to drilling up and down and summarizing segments of large data sets.

Unfortunately charts in appsheet have been a bit limiting.
Also wish that table view had some kind of column subtotal formula above the header or something that can be setup to sum, count or average on grouped data as well as drilled down data on search.
Or maybe just extend the group calculation feature by showing any column with a numerical value column across the table in a group and sum, average or count values under the group (so similar to a compact pivot table).

Just giving some idea.

In summary appsheet has great platform, the model that you guys have choose to start with is perfect…ease of entry with simple low code design, compatibility on any device and easy staring price to ensure that anyone can make their own app vs the limited dedicated software designers…we just want to ensure we do not loose users who may start to feel limited…and these are the guys that takes appsheet and their business with appsheet further.

I think appsheet made the perfect starting strategy…we are just need more options or flexibility on visualizing the data.

Just my late night thoughts :grin: