Release notes: February 25, 2021

Deployment Time: 11:28 AM PST

Features & Enhancements


Bug Fixes

Item Description
Fix for chevrons off-screen in Table View.

The chevron in Table Views and Drill Down Views would sometimes appear off-screen and users would have to scroll to see it, now if the columns fit in the screen the chevron will show in-screen as well. Deployed to all.

Bug Improve Webhook REST API Verification

We now perform better verification of workflow rules having a Webhook that invokes the REST API.

When you save an application having a workflow rule that invokes the REST API, we now ensure that the REST API is enabled for the called application and that it has at least one "Enabled" API Key.

We perform these verification checks more efficiently by caching the properties of the called application.

Previously, if you went to the Manage > Integrations tab to enable the REST API in the midst of creating a webhook, you could see the error:

You are trying to save version 1.00000n of the app, but someone has already created version 1.00000n.

This error was displayed if you first enabled the API and you then attempted to click the Editor's Save button.

This error no longer occurs. Deployed to all.


I’ve been trying to figure this out forever! So glad to hear it’s fixed now.