Release notes: February 3, 2021

Deployment Time: 11:46 AM PST

Features & Enhancements

Issue Description
Feature Improvements were made to add a more resilient check for spreadsheet permissions and to use the spreadsheet name instead of DriveApp for apps created from Google Drive. Deployed to all.
Ensure tables are formatted properly in PDF when page boundaries are crossed.

The Google Web Rendering Service (WRS), which we use to convert email attachments from HTML to PDF, requires that the HTML Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) includes the value:

table tr { break-inside: avoid; }

When this CSS value is present and a page boundary is reached while displaying an HTML table, WRS leaves a small margin at the bottom of the old page and the top of the new page.

This change ensures that the CSS in the HTML file contains the value:

table tr { break-inside: avoid; }

Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
Hide the horizontal wrapping/repeating of XY map images.

XY maps wrap along the horizontal axis, so if you go far enough to the left or right you'll return back to the original image. But unlike the world map, XY images aren't typically spaces that wrap so this may be unexpected and undesirable. This change makes the repeating images much less noticeable.

Rollout: Deployed to 100% of free users and 33% of paid users.

Bug Set SourceQualifier on an automatically created app table when creating an app from the Sheets menu. Deployed to all.
Bug Disabled numeric input value change on mouse wheel scroll. Deployed to all.
Disables numeric input value change via up/down arrow in table view.

Description: Using up and down arrow keys in table view quick-edit mode usually navigate the focus vertically within the column. A recent change to numeric inputs introduced a side effect that arrow keys would also increment or decrement the number value. This change disables the increment/decrement behavior in this context. Deployed to all.

Bug Fix inverted search/add or search in listSelect. Deployed to all.
Bug For testing workflows with large payloads the Execute task button had been broken for the past few days. This fix addresses the issue. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where suggested formulas would overwrite a

copied navigation Action formula. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixed a bug where deep links to interactive dashboards would not select the specified row ID. Rollout: 100% of free users and 66% of paid users.

Rollout changes

Feature or Bug Deployment status
Custom Yes/No labels New: Deployed to All.

Previous: 100% of free users and 50% of paid users.


I wish to learn more about this?



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@Fabian I’ve been working pretty diligently with @Adam and he’s really solving some problems for us in the XY space. (I’m not sure, but this might also correct the world map from showing up with blank data sets.) It was to correct a bug where we couldn’t select the pins on the far right on iPads.

Thank you @Grant_Stead this sounds very cool.
I didn’t quite understand this feature release. Has it to do with this one? :thinking:

Yes, it should correct that… I haven’t gotten the chance to do serious testing yet.

All my e-mail workflow that use tables on its email body template have been deconfigured since that update. Anyone else facing that?

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I tested LINKTOROW([Key], "Dashboard_ViewName") again, this morning.

I may not have the update on my account yet.

Is this update supposed to allow using LINKTOROW() with dashboard, and actually select the row? Or was this only a fix for the frozen dashboard bug, @Will_Witman ?


Please contact for help with this.

No. I still see the world map in a XY inline view with no children.
Right in the middle of the Gulf of Guinea (LatLong “0.000000, 0.000000”) :joy:
This is in my free and in my pro account.

No. We still have duplicates in the XY Background image. I can’t see any change on this. Or do you @Grant_Stead ?