Release notes: February 4, 2021

Deployment Time: 12:29 PM PST

AppSheet Automation Preview release

The Preview release of AppSheet Automation was released today. For details, see What features are in the Preview release?

Features & Enhancements

Issue Description
Performance enhancement
When Reading from a SQL Database Minimize Data Conversions by Using the Native Data Values Returned by SQL

When data is read from a SQL database, the SQL database provider returns database field values as C# native data types.

We were performing unnecessary data conversions when reading data from SQL.

We now minimize the number of data conversions we do when reading from SQL databases to improve Sync performance.

Rollout: 100% of free users and 5% of paid users

Performance enhancement
Increase network packet size for SQL Server Databases to 32,767 Bytes.

We have increased the network packet size that is used when communicating with Microsoft SQL Server Databases to 32,767 Bytes. This can significantly improve sync performance when reading from a Microsoft SQL Server database. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
Bug Fixed edit action not working in card views. Deployed to all.
Eliminate Null reference exception when using the Log Analyzer

An issue was fixed where Log Analyzer was failing with a Null reference exception when a log property value was missing. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes a bug and slow performance in authoring webhook tasks.

This change speeds up the performance of webhook task authoring in the editor. It also fixes a bug reported related to authoring webhook tasks that call other apps via the REST API. Deployed to all.


Thanks for the updates, this is an important release, when will I know (as a paid user) when this rollout is applied to my account?

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