Release notes: January 25, 2021

Deployment Time: 08:13PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Issue Description
Capture 'Save File' Workflow task performance.

We now capture detailed performance information for Save File Workflow tasks.

This performance information can be viewed in the Editor's Manage > Monitor > Performance Profile tab.

A change was made to the default recipient email address for the Show Changes menu action.

The Show Changes menu action is used in an offline app that has trouble syncing. It sets up an email with the local changes packaged up in text format. The default recipient configured for that email will now be the app owner's email. This is the most likely person the app user will want to send changes to for the purposes of data recovery

UI The "Open in tab" link in the preview pane header was shifted to the right edge of the header.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
Bug An issue was fixed where the workflow rules that generated PDFs and also saved those PDFs to a user's drive were generating the PDFs correctly, but they were not being saved to the drive. The PDF would get delivered in the email but the file on the drive would show up as 0kb in size.
Bug Going forward we are going to set the older App Version data to be visible to only App Creators and not to any App Users.
Bug An issue was fixed where the List and EnumList "item separator" option did not allow blank spaces. You can again use separators that contain blank spaces, like " " and ", ".
Bug An issue was fixed so that when you click off the "Are You Sure" Delete button, the state changes back to Delete as expected.
Bug The contrast of the Calendar View's left/right arrows in dark mode was fixed.
Bug The fix ensures that the left and right arrows in the detail view when the slideshow mode is enabled have contrast against the background and are easily visible in light and dark modes.

Rollout: 100% free users and 30% paid users.

An issue was fixed where a null reference exception occurred when the "Test" button was clicked for a Workflow Emails or Webhooks Task that creates a PDF Attachment.

An "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error occured if you clicked the "Test" button for a Workflow Email or Webhook Task that Creates a PDF Attachment.

Bug A change last week broke the ability to test a SaveFile task from a workflow rule test page. That functionality now works correctly again.
Bug An issue was fixed related to custom Yes/No Labels used with a Valid_If condition.
Bug An issue was fixed in the editor where if you changed the name of the icon of a new action and then changed the name, it would override the icon you picked.
Bug An issue was fixed where TableName in a webhook would display the wrong table name when saved.
Bug Fixed enum input showing "add or search" when adding other values isn't allowed.

Rollout changes

Feature or Bug Deployment status
A check was added to ensure a valid Application Access Key is defined.
(Initial deployment 1/5/21)
New: 100% of free users and 60% of paid users.

Previous: 100% of free users and 30% of paid users.

UI changes for the apps will be rolled out to 30% of paid customers

This change affects the Side Navigation panel and the following views: Detail, Calendar and Gallery.

New: 100% of free users and 30% of paid users.

Previous: 100% of free users and 10% of paid users.


Nice ! really digging the new “Deployment status” information, didn’t see that one in the release notes release notes ba dum tss