Release notes: January 26, 2021

Deployment Time: 07:15PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Issue Description
Add Locale English-Germany to Supported Locales.

We now support the locale English-Germany for data sources such as Google Sheets.. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
Bug An issue was fixed related to creating Spec apps, where the app preview would not load due to an internal error. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where XY maps in interactive dashboards would not update correctly when the selection changed. Deployed to all.
Bug Use the browser's built-in number input for numeric columns in Chrome.

An earlier Chrome bug introduced a problem that led us to temporarily switch from the browser's built-in number-type inputs to a more generic fallback. The Chrome bug has since been fixed so we're restoring the use of number-type inputs for numeric columns. Main differences would be the use of numeric keyboards on mobile devices and preventing non-numeric input rather than marking it as invalid. Deployed to all.

Bug An issue was fixed where the wrong About page would show after switching apps.

When switching between apps and then reloading the page, the About page of the first app would sometimes be incorrectly shown before the second app would open. Deployed to all.

Bug An issue was fixed involving [list of refs][deref] incorrectly producing an empty list within Select filter condition. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where zooming in too far would cause XY maps to go blank when offline.

Caveats: For XY maps to work offline, the app must enable offline caching and must be started online before going offline. Currently only supported on Android.

Rollout: 100% free users and 33% paid users.

Bug Fixed a memory leak involving expressions that sort date/time/datetime columns.

This may improve performance or reduce crashing in apps using OrderBy or Sort expressions to sort by dates or times.

Rollout: 100% free users.

Bug Make add and edit actions on slice-based views open the slice form.

Currently the system-generated add and edit actions in top-level views based on slices correctly open the corresponding slice form, but in dashboards they have been opening the base table form instead. With this fix, these actions should consistently open the slice-based form.

Rollout: 100% free users.

Bug A UI issue was fixed where enumlist inputs would overflow their container in side-by-side form views. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where typing too fast in the dropdown add/search box could cause part of the text to be lost. Deployed to all.


These issues that were previously released have been rolled back. The team is working on longer-term fixes for these issues.

Issue Original release note Original release note date
Bug An issue was fixed related to custom Yes/No Labels used with a Valid_If condition. Jan. 20, 2021
Bug Ensures left and right arrows in detail view have contrast against background and are easily visible in light / dark modes. Jan. 25, 2021

I fought this for a couple of hours the other day. Glad to see it was reported and fixed!

Excited to see the XY get better offline for iOS.

I want this! Would this be on new app implementations? I feel like this could geek some people up.


Loving the release notes!!!