Release notes: January 6, 2021

Deployment Time: 11:43AM PST

Features & Enhancements

Issue Description
Feature * Look and feel improvements were made to forms (views of type form). For details, see this blog post from the AppSheet Team.
Feature * The Policy tab was restyled and improved.
Feature Whitelabeled apps no longer need to have a specific minimum version when submitting a whitelabel request.

* This change is being rolled out gradually, so you might not see the new behavior for several days or weeks.

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
Bug fix UI issues were addressed where the Detail view using a background image was being covered by a card within the App Refresh rollout.
Bug fix When app creators tried to copy an app (either a sample or one of their own), a message would come back saying the operation failed. The operation was actually successful, and apps were successfully copied, but a misleading error message was displayed. This issue has been fixed.

I do not see the UI update for form. Is the update being rolled out gradually?

Thanks for asking. The Form refresh was rolled out to 100% free users on 1/6 and as of today (1/12) to 10% paid users.


Hi @Will_Witman ,

Got the new UI today it is awesome. Something I notice for the old UI and the new is that in the old when a search screen opened the cursor was on the search field. On the new UI the search screen opens but the cursor is not enable on the search field to start typing you have to click on it.


I noticed that yesterday as well, but forgot to post.


HI @Will_Witman,

Any idea on when this issue will get fixed. Getting complaints from our user using the desktop app that they have to click the search field to be able to type.


Hi… Is the UI update rollout paused as I cannot see in mine.