Release notes: March 1, 2021

Deployment Time: 1:05 PM PST

Features and Enhancements

Item Description
Feature Errors and warnings for automation process steps are now highlighted in the process graph.
Feature You are now able to use _THISROW_BEFORE and _THISROW_AFTER expressions in Automation Tasks if the event is generated within the Application. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes

Item Description
Only Replace Carriage Returns and Line Feeds with HTML <BR/> Elements for HTML Email Bodies But Not for Text Email Bodies

Previously, if you typed the workflow email Body directly into the Editor's Body property and the value you entered was simple text that contained carriage returns or line feeds, we would erroneously replace those with HTML <BR/> elements.

We now only do this when you type HTML directly into the Body property.

We no longer replace carriage returns or line feeds with HTML <BR/> elements when you type simple text into the Body property.

Deployed to all.

Bug A URL parsing issue was fixed that caused certain apps to not load on Android. Deployed to all.
Bug Allow users to send rows by referencing child processes.

This change supports the following use cases:

  • Send row by reference, providing the key only to an existing row.
  • Send a row by reference and update some of the columns.
  • Add a new row.

    Deployed to all.

Bug An issue was fixed where images could be cut off when editing ref types. Deployed to all.
Bug The chart view background is now rendered in dark theme consistent with other view types. Deployed to all.
Bug Fixed autofocus of Add or Search box in dropdown input.

This is still a desktop-only behavior because on mobile it would open the keyboard, which is disruptive if you didn't intend to add or search. Deployed to all.

Rollout changes

Item Rollout status
Fix for Delta Sync option New: 100% of free users and 25% of paid users.

Previous: 100% of free users and 10% of paid users.

Barcode scanner implementation (MLKit)

Note: Requires version 14.5, Android only

New: 60% of free users and 60% of paid users.

Previous: 40% of free users and 40% of paid users.